We are holding BlizzConline on 19 and 20 February

Blizzard anuncia la BlizzConlinean exhibition and community party digitally integrated where you will get to know the latest Blizzard game news. Get ready to enjoy two days (February 19 and 20), activities related to your favorite games.

The first day

BlizzConline starts at 14.00 PST Friday, February 19 with an opening segment that includes a first look at the latest content of some of the games that are under development. Over the next three hours or so, players will be able to tune in to one of six different thematic channels to indulge more in the games that interest them most.

The other day

The activities resume at 12 PST Saturday, February 20, again with multiple channels until the end of the event during the afternoon. On this day, Blizzard will answer questions and celebrate it with the global community of players, among whom the winners will meet and highlight the competitions and exhibitions of cosplay, film, talent and art in the Community Showcase.

For the Collector

“We could not stop going so long without connecting with our community, as we always do at BlizzCon. That’s what this show is about: Join us with our friends from all over the world and celebrate those windows and experiences we share through the games, “said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment.” It also moved us a lot to be able to share a little bit about the work we did with the various teams. If this is not going to be BlizzCon forever , the completely online format gives us the opportunity to make a drastic change to the proposal and create a show specially designed to enjoy from home ”.

Packages available

Blizzard Entertainment, BlizzConline

  • Important package: You will not be left out of the fun. Follow the Moon-touched Creation mascot for World of Warcraft, the heroine Tracer and its OSV-03 Rogue mount for Heroes of the Storm, a game icon and spray for Overwatch (coming soon), a set of images for StarCraft (coming soon)) and a mask and photo for Diablo III (PC version; coming soon). It also includes 10 packs of Locura cards at the Black Moon Fair for Hearthstone, 5 bottle boxes for Overwatch and a 15% discount code when purchased at the Blizzard Gear Store (restrictions apply).
  • Heroic package: Get this pack to add the Snow Torment bear bracket to your WoW collection, and share fun with the legendary “Raynhardt” on Overwatch (coming soon). Additionally, you can take a legendary random card from Locura at the Black Moon Fair for Hearthstone, and equip it with decorative wings in Diablo III (PC version; coming soon).
  • Epic package: See everything! This package contains everything from the Heroic Package and five packages of golden cards from Locura at the Black Moon Fair, which contain only golden cards, three boxes of golden buttons for Overwatch, each with a guaranteed legendary item, 30 days time game for World of Warcraft, and a set of transformation objects for Diablo III (PC version; coming soon).

There are three party gatherings are available in the Blizzard Store

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