Warzone’s advantage change gives players “legal wall tricks”

The Warzone marketer is always changing thanks to the regular updates from Raven Software. Towards the end of March, the developer made changes to several popular benefits, which caused a change in the players’ load.

With the attention given to the launch of Season 3, players are always looking for the best weapons to use in the Caldera and Rebirth Island. In addition to the best weapons, it is very important to choose the best benefits.

In particular, an advantage and a piece of team creates revolt, allowing players to see through the walls during a game.

Legal Wallhacks of Warzone Pacific

After trying a number of new benefit combinations, Warzone content creator IceManIsaac found a combination that allows players to get through the walls at any time. Thanks to the fact that the restock time for Restock is reduced from 50 to 25 seconds, players can easily explore any potential threat.

With two snapshot grenades at your disposal during a match, Isaac insists that the “new target” will block Caldera and Rebirth Island to the extent that players take advantage of the opportunity to discover any opponent through coverage. As expected, some community members believe the tactic is too strong and already recommend Raven Software to address it.

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Will instant grenades be fired?

Taking into account the abrasive nature of this particular Perk and Equipment combination, there is a possibility that Raven Software will adjust Restock and Snapshot Grenade so players do not have the opportunity to see through walls during an entire Warzone game.

Until Raven Software makes changes, use this deadly combination to gain an advantage over your opponent!

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