Warzone vehicles return to Rebirth Island, provoking a fall on the invisible wall

The vehicles also caused a number of technical issues that broke the game in Warzone. Since the Battle Royale was launched, the trucks have returned invisibly, while others have been used to access Doradas on Rebirth Island without completing the steps to open the doors.

With the start of season 3 approaching with rapid strides, Raven Software continues to adjust more elements of the game after eliminating all Rebirth Island vehicles to investigate a mysterious issue.

On April 13, the vehicles returned to the island, and although a problem was solved, the invisible walls prevented the players from being easily murdered.

Rebirth Island invisible wall defect

As long as players continue to win on Rebirth Island, the hit markers do not appear to weigh their points perfectly in line with their expected goals. Reddit user ‘I_Was_Fox’ highlighted the issue at a recent Payload crash. Instead of shooting at the opponent, the shots are not recorded with the target of their harassment.

The main part of the clip shows the player traveling on the back of a vehicle, suggesting that there is some sort of invisible barrier holding the sand in place. Warzone fans say the fall appeared for the first time when Payload arrived in Verdansk, while others say the barrier appeared on foot.

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Given the seriousness of the problem, it’s likely that Raven Software is working on a solution to the problem of the invisible wall affecting gamers. The developer has not yet commented on the issue, but if the invisible walls prevent Warzone players from being killed, it will not be long before a solution is found.

There is a possibility that returning vehicles to Rebirth Island will have nothing to do with the barriers, but knowing the past issues, there is a good chance that SUVs and trucks will add more problems to the real battle. .

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