Warzone sabotage contract explanation

Contracts often offer players significant rewards when transferring to a Warzone party. With a variety of goals to achieve, it’s a great way to make extra money and advanced buttons on Caldera and Rebirth Island. In season 3 of Battle Royale comes a new contract.

Known as Sabotage, the contract agrees a package on many of the vehicles used to navigate the map during the matches. For those familiar with the Bounty contract, Sabotage requires players to eliminate a specific target in order to earn the reward.

As with any new contract, many wonder how it works and the potential rewards available. When you say this, find out everything there is to know about Warzone’s sabotage contract in this guide.

What is a Warzone Sabotage Contract?

According to the Call of Duty blog, the sabotage contract increases “the risk reward of traveling through a caldera on wheels or in the air.” Once acquired, a single vehicle will serve as the target. Players must eliminate the target within the time limit to earn an effective bonus, a higher level of contract and the appearance of an armored truck.

Armed with a sledgehammer and heavy armor, the fastest way to destroy it is with a launcher or a well-mounted C4. Once destroyed, a large amount of high-level buttons will fall off their remnants.

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Warzone sabotage contract sites

Since all other contracts are available to complete in Warzone, the Sabotage target is displayed for all calderas. To find one, search for its icon on the Tac card and nearby to start the day. Even if the contract is completed, it is worth noting that activating the armored truck will attract a lot of attention from other players. Make sure to maintain your ingenuity for any player who wants to press the button.

Is it worth it to make the Warzone sabotage contract?

With many potential rewards available to complete the sabotage contract, the penalty option for completing it is definitely worth it. It is not best to start from the beginning of a party, but once it is possible to arm a cargo to transport it with the armored truck, the reward exceeds the risk of being sent to the Gulag before the forecast.

The addition of a contract that focuses on vehicles is a great addition to Warzone, especially when the final stages of the games are usually filled with trucks and SUVs while players try to reach the finals.

That’s all there is to know about the Warzone sabotage contract coming in season 3. For more information, check out our dedicated page filled with the latest news, filters and equipment guides for Battle Royale from Call of Duty.

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