Warzone players talk about the game’s “outdated” state

For many, the Warzone Pacific era is not dated in white compared to the World War II era of the real war. The launch of the new map along with the integration of the Vanguard arsenal continues to transform the course of season 4 to the extent that attention is centered on the loaded season 4.

The NZ-41 attack rifle domain frustrates more players getting started. The lack of a variety of weapons means that it is incredibly difficult to report a large number of deaths with something that is not the best weapons in Warzone.

With the update over the course of the season, players are discussing the outdated state of Battle Royale.

Players say Warzone is outdated

Despite the addition of Fortune’s Keep as an alternative to the Caldera, players will not enjoy the current iteration of Battle Royale. Reddit user “Koranfighter” asks why so many Warzone are busy with lots of new content on a regular basis.

The vast majority of the comments blame the meta for stopping enjoying Battle Royale.

“I’m so bored in New Zealand,” said one user. “We have all these weapons in the game, but only one of them is really good,” which frustrates the idea of ​​having such a large arsenal of weapons to choose from.

While some blame the goal, others say the Pacific era seems to be the “fun factor” that the Verdansk players desperately need. Notable comments also include the lack of a rated playlist, but if the latest filters earn anything, a rated mode may appear before the launch of Warzone 2.

As long as Raven Software continues to adjust Warzone with periodic updates, another dose of improvements and nerves to create some sort of weapon variant can inject a spray of fresh air into the final stages of the Caldera.

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