Warzone players require modifications to Vanguard’s adjacent files

The integration of Vanguard into Warzone continues to divide opinions among fans.

The Pacific era of Battle Royale continues to see new bugs and pitfalls affecting players, and with the launch of season 3 around the corner, players continue to share their frustrations with various elements of the game.

With a new mass of weapons and armor coming into the game, the final topic of debate is that players are asking Raven Software to eliminate the possibility of equipping ten accessories in the Vanguard weapons with an intention to balance the game.

Restrict adjacent files to Warzone Vanguard

The weapons from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare allow players to select five accessories in a weapon that players are required to compromise on. For Vanguard weapons, players can choose from a total of ten accessories for a single weapon. In contrast, players want the Vanguard system to be completely eliminated.

Reddit user “Adananan” says players would prefer that all Warzone weapons have five adjacent files to “sacrifice the adjacent files for others” in an attempt to find the perfect balance.

Many quickly commented on the possibility that five adjacent files would be transferred to the Warzone standard. “5 is the superior heating system,” said one user. “It’s probably easier to balance for developers,” which is always good in a real fight.

On the other hand, having ten accessories to use makes certain weapons seem much easier to manage, but the idea of ​​adding a limit of five generally makes the choice of accessories on equal terms.

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While many would like the change to take place, it is unlikely that a limited number of accessories for the Vanguard armament will be in place. The next big change could happen with the launch of Warzone 2, which launches in 2023.

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