Warzone players frustrated by the latest nerf from VLK Rogue

Although the Vanguard arsenal features heavily in Warzone’s metagame, those who continue to go for it retain their love for Modern Warfare’s weapons. Las notas del parche Season 4 Reloaded saw Kilo 141 and VLK Rogue skyrocket in popularity.

Known for its massive damage in hand-to-hand combat and its great mobility, the VLK Rogue can easily eliminate opponents, but before it has a chance to shine, Raven Software has intervened.

The August 3rd update introduced another dose of perks and nerfs that caused another change in the metagame. The maximum damage of VLK Rogue’s bullets received a significant nerf, much to the dismay of players looking for the best weapons in Warzone.

Los jugadores no están contento con el nerf de VLK Rogue

Aquellos que se familiararon con la escopeta se presuraron a compartir sus frustrations por el nerf necesario. Reddit user ‘JaisGucci’ claims that Battle Royale was becoming obsolete before VLK Rogue appeared in the metagame. “Estaba súper aburrido del juego y luego el VLK volívo a ser una cosa. Me lo estaba pasando BASTANTE con esa escopeta estos ultimos días”, says the player.

Many frustrated players disagreed, claiming that the Warzone developer wants a goal where assault rifles and machine guns (SMGs) are the only categories that dominate the game. “¡Te juro que solo quieren que juguemos con dos pistolas!” exclaimed another commenter.

Los jugadores con ojo de aguila noticed that the nerf affects the damage of the bullets en más del 30%, which means that the shotgun is worse than before the Season 4 Reloaded update. El redditor «Douglas1994» is also confused by the decision to nerf a shotgun that has a 0.25% pick rate in Resurgimiento modes. “It’s like 1 in 400 players using it and the developers have nerfed it to the point where it’s completely useless”.

With much frustration in the Warzone community, there is a possibility that Raven Software could reverse the change to restore VLK Rogue to its former glory. While we wait, be sure to consult our guide showing the best Warzone SMG to use.

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