Warzone Players Brand Caldera Map «Confuso»

The arrival of the Caldera as the main map of the Warzone continues to create debate in the community. The shift from Verdansk to Pacific Island marked a new era for Battle Royale, but a series of mistakes and failures almost ended the experience.

Along with the players who have asked Verdansk to retire, the players have been critical of the design of the Caldera due to the amount of free space between different points of interest (POIs). Instead of additional buildings, the map is filled with palm trees and shrubs.

As season 3 approaches, players have rated Caldera’s design as “confusing” in addition to questioning the quality of the development.

War zone boiler design

In a Reddit post that took over the map, user ‘Marokman’ compiled a list of everything that is wrong on the Pacific island. From “low build density” to the aesthetics of the map, the Caldera seems to have many issues.

Many players tried to agree with the statement. Many suggested a number of generalized changes to improve the Caldera, but most simply asked Raven Software to add a map rotation between the island and Verdansk to introduce some sort of variation to Battle Royale.

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Will Caldera be rebuilt?

As Warzone Pacific progresses to the middle of its cycle, the likelihood that Caldera will be replanted with a brand new map of Verdansk is low. Raven Software is planning changes in different parts of the island in season 3, so there is a possibility that the current design and quality will improve in the coming weeks.

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