Warzone players ask to get Verdansk back with Caldera Innovations

Caldera’s arrival at Warzone continues to have a mixed reception with players arriving on the Pacific island. Instead of making a drastic change from Verdansk, the community has turned to Rebirth Island as its favorite map.

With season 3 on the horizon, calls for Modern Warfare to return to the battlefield continue to emerge regularly with more players experimenting with a large amount of bugs and failures in the Caldera.

Although the requirement to return to Verdansk is still there, some players want some of Caldera’s innovations to be transported to the map if they ever return to Battle Royale.

Return of Warzone Verdansk

Amid rumors of a possible map rotation between Verdansk and Caldera, Reddit user ‘Semper_Crayons’ asked if players would love Verdansk without Rebirth Island instead of the current map and playlists.

Several players said they would change Caldera and Rebirth Island re-elected by Verdansk “in one fell swoop”. The rhythm, the sensation, the design of the card, everything was fantastic, ”commented another user.

Others suggested that Verdansk would have to return with several innovations that would emerge for the first time in the Caldera, including the redistribution of globes and the recent health increase that justified the time to kill.

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Will Verdansk return to Warzone?

At the moment, it is not clear if Verdansk will ever return to Warzone despite Raven Software’s chances. Clearly, the demand for the card is here, and with the launch of Warzone 2, expected to begin in 2023, adding the card to a final execution would be a popular decision among gamers.

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