Warzone players are unhappy with season 3’s Gulag

The season 3 update to Warzone sees the arrival of a new Gulag design. The salon is the last chance to change a bit to keep the Battle Royale sensation fresh.

Known as Hold, the last Gulag is found in the depths of a boat facing the coast of Caldera, and while presenting a large symmetrical design, the new location contains many dark areas that make it difficult for players to spot their opponents.

Given the opportunity to return to action on the line, players agree that the design is tailored to the campers and the poor weapon choices make it difficult to achieve victory.

Warzone players frustrated with season 3’s Gulag

Although the final season of content after launch is in its first phase, players are not very happy with the switch to a new Gulag. In a recent post, Reddit user ‘yoursound09’ claims that the change is “awful”.

The dark lighting makes it easy for operators to interfere with the scene, which is very problematic. Other comments suggest that the new design does not include “sufficient perspectives,” limiting the capabilities of any potential bank.

In addition, the sound of the steps for those waiting for their turn will also distract the players from winning the only shot. Unfortunately, the sound change of delayed tracks will take place during the season.

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Will it change the gulag in season 3 of The Warzone?

As Season 3 progresses, there is a possibility that Raven Software will change the current design of the Gulag to open up more lines of sight and turn on the lights so players can see between them. This, combined with the sound adjustment of the steps, will improve the current Gulag enough so that players have a fair chance of getting started again.

It is still in the air if it is at the height of the dukes’ enormous popularity in Verdansk.

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