Warzone Optic Glitch dilutes francotirador rifles

Ever since they moved to Caldera Island in the Pacific, Warzone players have often encountered a number of bugs and errors that negatively impact their game.

From the mysterious wind that blew the players away as parachutes were shot into the action, to the flaws that caused the weapons to disappear completely, new problems continue to seem to weigh on Raven Software’s best efforts.

As much as attention begins to focus on the launch of season 3, an optical drop drastically affects players’ accuracy. In particular, this problem causes the retina of bright visors to disappear during the passage of a party.

Warzone optical error

As Raven Software launches a freestyle rifle nerve in the coming weeks, players will continue to get the most out of Kar98k to make an impact. During a party, Reddit user ‘ZagureppinSG’ grabbed the weapon from a supply box and when they looked, no retaliation was seen.

Many players will share their experiences without retelling. “It’s just a mistake,” one commenter said. “I lost so many shots because of it.” Given that many people experience the problem, some suggest that players should mark their screens or use a digital sight to set some sort of goal.

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Will Warzone records be fixed?

Given the huge impact that the disappearance of memory cards in various Warzone weapons has, it is very likely that Raven Software is working on a solution to solve the problem. Given that the developer is already planning to target freelancers, this may be an unintended way to limit its performance at the moment.

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