Warzone Golden Vaults opens on April 11th

The second half of Warzone Pacific season 2 centered on Rebirth Island and the redesign of Raven Software’s popular maps. The island has a faster playing rhythm in addition to a design that is significantly different from the Caldera.

As part of the Rebirth Reinforced event, the community has teamed up to complete a series of setbacks and earn a large amount of rewards, including tens of thousands of XP. In addition, players will have the opportunity to explore a blocked area on the map.

Doradas Bóvedas is currently closed, but many believe they can open on April 11th.

Unlock Warzone’s golden bottle

Consistent with the extraordinary GeekyPastimes from Call of Duty Easter Egg, players will earn enough money in the game to play Blood Money games to unlock the doors and see what rewards are hidden inside. Thanks to a detailed calculation table, the content creator has an estimate of when the doors will open.

If the effective profit margin continues, the gates of the Doradas bonds will open between 15.00 and 18.00 BST (10: 00-13: 00 EST). Some players have already opened their way through the stands and have found a large number of advanced bottles ranging from hard-to-reach gas masks to specialist files.

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What’s inside the golden bottle on Rebirth Island?

Along with the high-level button, there is a possibility that the bóvedas will scratch teasers aimed at what season 3 has reserved. With the upcoming content season following the launch marking the midway in the Pacific era, it’s likely that Raven Software has big plans in the process. For everything related to season 3, check out our dedicated center that contains the latest news and rumors!

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