Warzone and Vanguard season 3 trailer shows Godzilla’s appearance

Crossovers and collaborations between Call of Duty, TV and film series have returned to common in recent years. Such as Die Hard and Attack on Titan have somehow emerged within the series of disappearances.

While Warzone and Vanguard prepare to enter their third season of content after launch, the first movie trailer will feature yet another crossover featuring an iconic monster on the big screen.

The course of one minute highlights the arrival of the Task Force Harpy in the current story, and a few seconds before the finale, fans think strange noises are going against Godzilla’s cross, which is a lot of rumors.

Cruce by Call of Duty Godzilla

To the extent that the working group recently unveiled a fight against the opposition, the trailer ends with a critical message that “something much more powerful and dangerous than anything we could expect to understand is about to happen.” Additionally, a tweet from the Call of Duty page reproduces a mysterious rumor that says “monsters are real” when it appears on a spectrum.

Previous reports from several filters claim that the crossing has been going on for some time, to the great enthusiasm of the players, who say that the design of the Caldera card is “confusing”. If Godzilla appears in season 3, it’s very likely that Raven Software is planning some important changes to the map with an intention to improve the design of the Pacific island.

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Start date of the Call of Duty Godzilla event

With season 3 of Vanguard and Warzone starting on April 27, Godzilla is highly likely to show up on the Caldera when the new season begins. To see the details of how the monster will be integrated into Vanguard. Let’s hope Godzilla is no longer a case of Krampus.

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