Warzone 2 will feature “revolutionary innovations”

Despite the impending arrival of Godzilla, some players are already aware of the upcoming Warzone chapter.

Currently under development, it is said that Warzone 2 includes a brand new map in addition to a complete revision with an intention to avoid any errors and omissions. Although season 3 of the Pacific Era is on the horizon, many are beginning to wonder who has booked Infinity Ward.

Among the economic results for the first quarter of Activision, the editor says that Warzone 2 will contain “revolutionary innovations” to the great enthusiasm of those players who look forward to returning to a modern environment.

“Revolutionary Innovations” in Warzone 2

Details of the revolutionary innovations have not been released, but it has not prevented the community specifically how Infinity Ward will innovate in the current iteration of Warzone. Call of Duty’s remarkable filter “TheGhostOfHope” shares his thoughts on the changes that may appear in the upcoming release of Battle Royale.

With a range of options, the filter and many others target the destruction elements that come with a brand new map plus a day-to-day cycle that guarantees changes in the way players navigate to the final circle.

Financial results also confirm that the innovations will start popping up “at the end of this year” along with information on Modern Warfare 2, the upcoming annual launch of the Call of Duty franchise.

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When to sell Warzone 2?

Although Activision plans to reveal more details about Warzone 2 in 2022, it’s quite likely that the reintroduced Battle Royale will appear in the next eight months. Current rumors suggest that the game will appear in March 2023 near Warzone’s third anniversary.

For all the latest Warzone 2 information, visit our dedicated page featuring the latest news, filters and rumors about the new era of the Battle Royale of Call of Duty.

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