Warriors Orochi 4 enters GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS has officially identified one Warriors Orochi 4 such as the hack-and-slash title with a large number of playable characters. The certificate was given to the manufacturer of the game Masaki Furusawa during a press conference in Japan.

The significant hunt was achieved by having in total 170 jugable characters of the universes DYNASTI y SAMURAI WARRIORSoffering players an impressive number of options between them to choose from when playing alone or with a friend.

Warriors Orochi 4 170 jugable charactersWarriors Orochi 4 is currently being developed for the entertainment system PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switchthe family of devices Xbox One including Xbox One X, Microsoft’s all-in-one entertainment and video game system, and in Windows PC format throughout Steam®and it will be launched throughout Europe October 19, 2018.

Announced for the first time in March 2018, Warriors Orochi 4 is the last delivery of the series one mod miles, which combines the popular sagas DYNASTI WARRIORS y SAMURAI WARRIORS. This delivery accounts for the initial revelation of magical abilities, the introduction of five gods as playable characters, the saber, Zeus, Ares, Athens, Persia and Odín, as well as the return of the cooperative multiplayer mode.

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