Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2: tips and tricks to get you started

Before you play the game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, feel free to share it with us!

Things to know before playing

The game contains many “hard countermeasures” (stone, paper or treadmill). The original campaign introduced new types of devices gradually, so you would have the opportunity to discover these obstacles to the extent that you encounter new types of enemies. It is possible to change the balance through the team (p. No, Avitus predetermined is anti-infantry; Avitus with a cannon locker is antivehículo), the range of squadrons (p. No, Thaddeus can not withstand the fire concentrated by small arms, but Tarkus yes) and the progression of the character (s. ej., the commander of the force). can specialize in range weapons, although it is a bad idea to do so). The effective use of combat skills can also tip the balance in your favor: Thaddeus will receive a shootout and attack against an attacked enemy squadron, but if you perform an attack jump to your position, they will leave scattered and destroyed.

Too little of your weapon will cause damage by fire friend. It is perfectly acceptable to accuse your force commander of an enemy unit and then spread arbitrarily against body to body as a result; your hair turns white. Keep in mind that the majority of bosses cannot be permanently “refueled” in this way; will pass (or overpower) your warriors to interrupt your heavy weapons.

I zoom in from time to time. It is worth noting that many of the body-to-body animations are synchronized and deleted.

Each of your squares will have about half a dozen different skills, so you will not get all its efficiency unless you have good micro-conventions. The collaborative campaign feature reduces this workload to a minimum, so try to see if you feel overwhelmed. Retribution offers an alternative: you can swap your microgest heroes in exchange for bigger blinds of “total” units.

You have a “retire” command (quick access key: X), which is a very effective “panic button”, and that retiring units receive an armor bonus and enemies will rarely pursue them (note: only CPU; human opponents will use disgusting tricks to attack and block). kill your forces at retirement). You can also take full advantage of the Attack Movement command (eg Attack Movement 3 of your squares towards the target and it will be covered as needed so you can focus your attention on the micro-gesture of the square space).

The increase in difficulty does not make the CPU opponent more intelligent, nor does it increase the number of enemy units you will encounter. It simply gives each enemy unit greater resistance and firepower, as it obliges you to play in a more intelligent way (for example, to explode the cover and defy the enemy). The game can be changed, but the multiplayer game modes will be blocked if any mode is performed (including if you only played with the single player promotion files). Without limitations, it offers some fun options, such as equipping your entire tactical fleet with rocket launchers or replacing your Force Commander with a Howling Banshee spacecraft.

Once your team has reached level 20 in the original campaign, you can also complete the final mission. It is not necessary to complete all secondary missions. You will notice that many of the late revelation missions offer war team rewards. Without a doubt, the Chaos Rising campaign will only import the team that your offensive force really brings to the final mission; the rest of your arsenal will be lost (this is not a mistake, it’s part of the story). Advertisement: There are some optional superintendents that you would like to play with, regardless of the reward, just to listen to the sounds of the party after the mission.

“The Last Stand” has two cards. Stay with The Blooded Colosseum until your character reaches level 10 or below; Surviving the Ambolt of Khorne requires an antiviral fire potential that low-level personnel simply cannot deliver.

He solved the biggest memory loss, but the game is still not very well optimized. It is prepared to reduce the graphics configuration of predetermined values ​​that are detected automatically, especially if you play multiplayer.

The multiplayer chat is a terrible black hole of racism, memes, unlockable posts and questions about Steam. The packaging is a bit tricky because you have to choose a specific game type such as 3v3 (there is no option to “unite any game first”). This factor, combined with the small base of players, means that it is possible that you will have to wait for several minutes without any visible progress. Custom games (unclassified) sometimes load quickly, but you can not make cola for multiple games at once. If any of your Steam friends play DoWII, you may be able to avoid many of the headaches in multiplayer mode through invitations.

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