Wargaming reinvents World of Tanks for 2019

Wargaming has given to know all the aircraft it has planned for World of Tanks in 2019. The developer explained everything that was added in 2018, such as improvements in matchmaking and the big matches, in addition to the incorporation of new vehicles, nations, races and other gaming events. They also celebrated their tenth anniversary and took home another award, already 4, the Golden Joystick Award.

For 2019, no less is required, and a number of priorities have been developed in addition to some surprises. World of Tanks will receive yet another matchmaking end, return to first-line mode, introduce more vehicles like the Swedish mid-tanks and make the clans much more accessible to the whole world, among other things we will talk about later.


Rebalancing of premium ammunition

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated things is the balance in premium municipality for the World of Tanksa favorite theme that Wargaming has at hand.

Earlier this year, the first steps were taken to rebalance the Premium ammunition by eliminating the function of buying ammunition and gold consumables. Therefore, the terms “Premium Ammunition” or “Gold Ammunition” are no longer appropriate and are now called «special municipality » .

Referring to the entry on the original blog, to reduce the damage to the “special municipalities” between 25% and 30%, depending on the average damage to the bullet, while its penetration remains unchanged. The percentage of damage reduction will depend on the amount of damage per. stop: The greater the damage per. stop, the larger the reduction percentage will be.

In addition to implementing the following techniques:

  • Projects with high penetration (AP) are the most attractive from a price and damage point of view. These projects have a high damage and are cheap, but it is not easy to hit vehicles equipped with these projects.
  • The “special mechanism” is good for getting rid of armored vehicles, so it has more chances to penetrate. Without embargo, it has a high price and a small damage per. per capita (in the 25-30%) on which the projects stand. With these projects, you also tend to aim, but with a little less care.
  • AE projects provide a greater likelihood of inflicting damage, regardless of the armor of the enemy vehicle.They are effective against vehicles with low shielding, but have low penetration, can not overcome obstacles, have minor damage to avoid in case of non-penetrating blows and at least a lower speed.


Due to the changes in the “special municipalities” some tanks need to be rebalanced and the first ones to enter the tunnel will be the following;

Front Line Return

The front line will return in the first quarter of 2019

The main game mechanics remain intact. Rank and points are earned for a good performance in battle, and you can use these points to boost the level. Once we reach a certain level, we start earning rewards (credits, consumables, etc.). There are 30 levels and when we reach the highest, we will reach a level of prestige. This will restore progress and allow you to earn rewards again.

The new;

  1. The front line starts at the beginning of each month and will be available for a week. Each month you can repeat the event for a week or 10 weeks in total.
  2. Now there are higher levels of prestige.We have increased the number of prestige levels from 3 to 10. The available prestige levels will be added gradually with each week in Front Line. There will be no strict limit to achieve prestige. Without restrictions, you can move on and reach two levels in one week. For example, in the second week you could reach prestige level 4. And when you start the octave week of the event, you could have completed the 10 prestige levels.
  3. In addition to the basic rewards, you will receive special points for reaching certain levels of prestige. You can use these points to buy special compensation cars. The availability of these special vehicles gradually increases as you achieve prestige levels.

EXP and credit score will be the same as this year. There will also be expenses for repairs and maintenance.

Classified matches

In 2019, a new series of classified matches will begin and promise to be completely different from the previous versions.

Now they will four divisions, and each division involves 15 rows. The number of horses needed to reach rank 15 has been reduced.

  • Qualification
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

It is not possible to leave one division and end up in another lower.

Clan wars

In an event taking place in January 2019, the players of the clans will be able to win a new UK prize car: T95 / FV4201 Chiefa heavy X level car with a hard tire and a good combination of alpha damage and DPM.

There are many more details in the original post, such as the customization styles, Bilrallyimproving the economy and convenience, the bonus store, or the Clan Wars, which you eventually leave as the source of this summary.

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