Wargaming opens a mobile development studio in Moscow

Wargaming is entering the mobile sector

Wargaming the developer of the famous free-to-play World of Tanks looking for talented developers to join the new team in Moscow.


In continuation of its progress in the mobile sector, Wargaming has announced the opening of a development studio in Moscow, one of the world’s most prominent development centers for mobile games.

The Moscow Center will be headed by Andrey Zimenko, an experienced professional with 13 years of experience in game development. His previous work included overseeing mobile publishing in the Wargaming Alliance and conducting a mobile development survey in Mail. Rough.

“Moscow is one of the most important points in the world for the development of mobile gaming, so we need to establish a presence here,” says Andrey Zimenko. “Our main goal for now is to build a strong team that is able to achieve the most ambitious goals. We welcome the professionals to the development of mobile games so they can join our ranks and share their most exciting ideas. with us “.

Once your list is complete, it will embark on the development of mid-level titles for mobile platforms.

You know, if you’re a video game developer, Wargaming Moscow invites all of these talents to join its new team.

More information on the official website.

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