Wargaming closes its Seattle office

If we talked about it last October Wargaming, the developer of the famous free-to-play World of Tanks, opened a new office in Moscow focusing on the development of mobile games, today the trip came to the Seattle office, but seen from the opposite perspective.


Victor KislyiCEO of Wargaming, had a meeting with them today 150 workers which was held in Seattle and had announced that the office would close, giving each one his corresponding compensation.

All employees in the study were detained before Gas powered games (Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander or Age of Empires Online) and was purchased by Wargaming to work on an unannounced free-to-play MMO project. The reasons for the closure have not been revealed and we want to know that this game will be played. The 5 years of work you had dedicated to the project cease to exist.

As good news for the employees now in Paro, a campaign with the hashtag #WGJobs has been posted on twitter as a way for those affected to find a new job. The answer seems to be pretty good and many students are interested in these talents.

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