Wargaming and Frag Lab announce the development of a new F2P MMO shooter

Wargaming has come to know that he is associated with Ukrainian developers Frag Lab to create a free-to-play shooter for the next generation using Amazon technologies; Web Services (AWS), Amazon GameLift and the graphics engine Amazon Timber.

Frag Lab is a studio with 125 people, based in Kiev, established by a team that has previously worked on the Crysis franchise, Battlefield 2 and most recently Warface.

“When Frag Lab approached us with its vision of what it wanted to develop, we felt it was perfectly aligned with our core values ​​and its passion was to touch and feel,” said Shahzad Khan, Wargaming Product Director . “We knew that by combining your experience working in successful shooters with our unrivaled experience in f2p, together we could make this vision a reality.”

“Having Wargaming as our editorial partner was the choice we had; has extensive experience in delivering successful titles to players worldwide, ”said Maxim Dembik, CEO of Frag Lab. “We started this ambitious project from scratch with nothing but our collective knowledge, and it gives us the opportunity to choose the technology we want. We are always looking for new technologies and we are happy to say that it happened: “Amazon Lumberyard is the perfect place for our vision”.

More details about the title are expected at the end of this year 2019.


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