VTuber, Tomeru Ikine, who participated in the criticized “AV Supra”, was banned from YouTube and Twitch

The Twitch account that stops participation in AV Supra is also suspended


According to the article

・As of October 23, 2022 (Reiwa 4), VTuber, whose YouTube channel (account) has been suspended on AV Supra, Teruno IkoneYour Twitch account has been suspendedIt has been found.

・When you access your breathless Twitch account from a PC“This channel violates Twitch’s guidelines or terms of service and is currently unavailable.”was displayed.

·Also,I couldn’t watch the distribution archives.

・ Stopping breath will be distributed on Twitter space on October 19th“I’m going to do it while jumping repeatedly between the two platforms (Twitter space and Twitch)”Although he indicated his intention, this Twitch account suspension will be limited to one of them.

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