VR version “Among Us” will be released on November 11th!3D spacecraft, first-person view, 4 to 10 players can play online

The VR version of “Among Us” will be released on November 11th. As “Among Us VR”, the spaceship is built in 3D while maintaining the original tension


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Innersloth announced at the keynote speech “Meta Connect” that the multiplayer werewolf game “Among Us VR” will be released on November 10th (November 11th Japan time).

The price is 990 yen including tax. The target platform is Meta Quest. It will also be available for Steam VR.

In addition, online battles between 4 to 10 people are possible among those who have the VR version. The supported player modes are “standing play” and “sitting play”. The target age is 13 years old and over.

Players can expand their field of vision with the 3D body’s line of sight, allowing them to discuss with each other in a new way. Using the Touch controller, it seems that it is possible to move the crew’s hand finely to press the button or point the imposter with the finger.

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