Voices of manga artists and writers defending the ‘Oshi no Ko’ flaming drawback “Not just using tragedy as a theme, but seriously stepping into it and sublimating it” “No need to apologize. As a measure against flaming, it is below ”

■ Past articles
“Oshi no Ko” official, posting a tweet that’s too harmful after the anime “Episode 7” broadcast…
“Oshi no Ko” is on hearth, and Hana Kimura’s mom says, “Don’t treat Hana’s death like a free material.” of”
As a results of organizing the chronological order to see if “Oshi no Ko” and “Terrace House” are actually unrelated…
My favourite little one, it ends with a gachi…
Anime “Oshi no Ko” Episode 6 “Aren’t you using the terrace house suicide riot as entertainment?” → Hana Kimura’s mom reacts “I despise you from the bottom of my heart.”

■ Cartoonist, Mr. Kyoichi Nanatsuki

■ Writer, Mr. Kumano Okina

Don’t simply watch cartoons, I can solely say that it’s best to take into consideration the ache of the victims’ bereaved households within the ongoing actuality.
How moral are you?

yeah? What does it should do with the sufferer’s displeasure?

It’s not a degree of rivalry whether or not you are taking the case significantly or making enjoyable of it.

How have been the victims saved? It is a piece that’s sublimated by sincerely getting into such a component.
It’s simply that the tremendous hero who has a sensible setting will resolve it, however the place is the sincerity?

Was it right to observe episode 7 with out complaining?

Antis simply need to hit, so it is ineffective to say something

↑ Attacking the sufferer’s bereaved household
Isn’t it anti?

Hana Kimura may have been saved if there was a reincarnated particular person like Superman who’s good-looking, sensible, intelligent and may do something! It’s a conclusion, however the place is it honest?

seems to be like gas
Don’t information the unique, simply give out the proof in a nutshell crap

It’s a meaningless manga as a result of the man who likes the manga is lynching the bereaved households of web lynching victims insanely

If you deal with it significantly, it’s best to interview the bereaved household and associated events and speak to them.
What are you speaking about if you make cash off of comics?

↑ After all, that is what it’s
If you understand it is a actually delicate matter, you often speak it by means of earlier than you convey it up
The cause why I’m silent is as a result of I am unable to make up for the truth that I’m ignoring the environment, so I can solely see it.

You simply deal with it roughly and eat it as leisure, proper?
Nothing reaches the viewer

No, the issue is that the believers do not perceive in any respect and begin netlynching

The drawback is how the bereaved household will obtain it

There are solely idiots like this, so they will not cease with suspicious fires.

It would have been saved if it was finished like a cartoon, however you are saying fairly horrible issues.

If you are sublimating, the man attacking the sufferer cannot learn your intentions
How come you bought the alternative end result?

Antis have gotten sharper and extra like fringe folks

It’s not sublimated, so it is making such a fuss lol

Do you may have any feedback about the truth that the followers of works which might be sincerely getting into and sublimating are charging?
Even if it was drawn with that intention, not even one millimeter has been conveyed.

“If the doctor had reincarnated into a top idol child and met a handsome guy who somehow awakened his talent, Hana-san wouldn’t have died, right? Why didn’t he meet him?”
This is it
At least it needs to be picked up after it is weathered, however the vulgarity nonetheless stays

I did not assume there have been so many idiots who could not fathom the sentiments of the bereaved household.
There are too many individuals who grow to be aggressive when one thing they like is denied even a little bit

In the primary place, works based mostly on 311 can even be out
The homicide case can be out
This is the realm of freedom of expression

Because the content material of the manga is in regards to the victims being saved by others
It is alleged that if the particular person on the time noticed it, they’d blame themselves for not having the ability to put it aside.
What this man is saying is a one-sided imposition that ignores that sort of consideration.

It’s not that sort of drawback, it is a mom’s feeling to not flip her daughter’s misfortune into leisure any extra.
Is there a relationship between good work and sincerity w

Otakus are all the time making foolish rebuttals
I do know you’ll be able to’t have a dialog with an otaku

the essence of this work
“I want to let the character say what the author wants to say and feel refreshed.”
As a narrative, I’ve been writing on a regular basis that such traces are humorous
What I’m doing is not a lot completely different from dried squid rock

No matter what excuse you give, when you assume the sufferer does not prefer it, it’s best to cease it.

The anime space is misplaced
Think about how it might really feel to have your little one die and be the topic of it with none permission.
What you do is similar as a third-rate weekly journal

Because the bereaved household of the one who died with the knife suffers
Are you speaking about banning depictions of killing folks with knives?

It looks like Hana Kimura’s co-star bashing is about to reignite.
you higher cease

I usually criticize the maliciousness of netizens within the work, however what do I do?
The otaku’s psychopathy style sticks to my nostril

No matter the way you draw it, it is a bit of a joke
At least get permission from this system and the sufferer’s bereaved household

Sublimated (While beating the Kimura bereaved household)

This sort of factor is totally completely different simply by calling out upfront
I’m silly

Are those that learn such an exquisite work attempting to beat the sufferer’s bereaved household and create a brand new tragedy?

Media trolling with invincible sentiment

I’m not saying that the work itself is unhealthy, however Kyoko Kimura, who raised the difficulty.
Isn’t it stated that otaku who slander is unhealthy…?How did this occur

I’m certain you are critical about it, but when that is the case, perhaps I ought to say one thing to the bereaved household…
The official facet does not appear to be prepared to apologize, so what’s going to occur sooner or later…


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