Vivendi will sell its total shareholding in Ubisoft, which represents 27.3% of the share capital

Vivendi will no longer own any shares in Ubisoft and has promised not to do anything for 5 years

Hi, Ubisoft has announced that it has signed an agreement with Vivendi for its full departure from the capital of the French company, developer and distributor of video games, with a sale of 30,489,300, all Vivendi shares. The transaction involves an investment of two new associates, Relationship investment of Ontario Teachers’ Public Equities, y Tencent.

After the transaction came to a standstill, Vivendi will no longer have any actions in Ubisoft and has promised not to do anything for 5 years.

As part of the agreement, Ubisoft and Tencent also announced today a strategic merger that will significantly accelerate the availability of Ubisoft franchises in China in the coming years.

Yves Guillemot, CEO and co-founder, says:“The development of our participation is good news for us. It was possible thanks to the excellent execution of our strategy and the crucial support of the talents, players and players. I would like to thank them sincerely to all. The investment of new shareholders in the long run term shows its confidence in our future value creation potential and the purchase of shares will benefit all shareholders.Finally, the new strategic partnership agreement we have signed will allow Ubisoft to accelerate its development in China in the coming years and get the most out of a market with great potential.

“Today, we are reaping the benefits of our long-term strategy and the successful transformation into a more competitive and profitable business. We are perfectly positioned to capture the number of growth engines for video games in the coming years. We are more focused than ever on fulfilling our strategic plan. »

Investment of new long-term shareholders

Ontario Teachers’ has promised to acquire 3,787,878 actions (3.4% of the capital), equivalent to about 250 million euros and Tencent has promised to buy 5,591,469 actions (5.0% of capital). These investments are made at a price of 66 € per. shares and has no representation on Ubisoft’s board. Tencent has also promised not to transfer its actions or increase its property and voting rights.

As part of the agreement, Ubisoft and Tencent have also signed a strategic partnership agreement that will significantly accelerate the availability of Ubisoft’s franchise in China in the coming years.

The entry of these two high-profile investors into Ubisoft’s capital validates the company’s strategy and confirms the value creation potential for its shareholders in the coming years.

Finexsi, acting as an independent financial expert, issued an impartial opinion on the acquisition of shares and confirmed that the financial terms of the transaction were reasonable to the minority shareholders and that the transaction was of corporate interest to Ubisoft.

Purchase of shares in Guillemot Brothers SE

As part of the transaction, Guillemot Brothers SE agreed to purchase 3,030,303 actions (2.7% of the capital) at a rate of 66 euros per. share, which took over the property of Guillemot Brothers SE 17,406,414 actions representatives of 19.4% of the voting rights and 15.6% of the share capital Guillemots concert a 20,636,193 actionswhich represents 24.6% of the voting rights and 18.5% of the share capital.

Accelerated Bookbuilding with Institutional Investors

The remainder of Vivendi’s share, which represents 8,988,741 shares (8.0% of the capital), will be sold at a price of € 66 per share. share through Accelerated Bookbuilding with institutional investors. Depending on the interest in the location, the size of the operation could increase to 1,500,000 shares, which will reduce the number of shares purchased by Ubisoft.

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