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Tips for players

1) First, have the prefect’s records.

Earn +60 extra points for flat tiles and wheels with adjustable sides (spool with spool, rails with rails, etc.).

The most important thing is that you get 1 extra card for your mazo for every perfect bonus you receive. Tells me at the end of my game session.

2) Have missions.

  • “# +” is the easiest. Simply expand your group of objects.
  • “#” is harder. You need to roll out the mosaic to get a group of objects to exactly the right size.
  • “# With a triangle” is in my opinion the most difficult in different circumstances. After completing the object group size task, the group must be “closed”. In other words, the “open” sides of the group must be shortened so that it cannot be expanded further.

Each completed mission gives you +100 points and 5 extra cards for your mouse. In the late game, the difficult quest with big numbers can fall apart if you can not complete them. You will start a new one soon.

3) Try to separate the “zones” Separate the rivers and streams as fast as possible. It is extremely difficult to combine them.

It intends to expand other groups of objects in different directions (forests to the north, wheat to the south, etc.). Helps to perfect mosaics with fewer pieces of objects.

It is about widening the rivers and streams outside the “mainland”. As long as these mosaics are rare enough, it is good to have open spaces for opening.

4) Reza to the Chinese god of RNG that this game produces very random mosaics. Be patient not to close gaps in your main plot by 20-30 points, expect at least 40, so this will probably provide you with perfect mosaics, which (as mentioned earlier) will provide new maps.

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