[Video]The newest work “Fire Emblem Engage” was only a naughty recreation → “◯◯◯ is worse than awakening if wwwwww”

what is that this

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[The latest series “Fire Emblem Engage”, Metascore 82 points start! “A suitable work to end the year of Switch” “Recommended for people who like simulation RPGs”]

Fire Emblem Engage -Switch
There aren’t any critiques

Fire Emblem Engage Elyos Collection -Switch
There aren’t any critiques

Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass
There aren’t any critiques

Reactions to this text

I’ll take it

Grass with a brand new E ◯ recreation

Ruhl’s perspective
Ring “That’s a nice touch /// Oh… that’s… ///”

It seems to be like Parma from the otome recreation 🤣🤣🤣I need it

Serif is certainly aiming

an excessive amount of feminine perspective

Marth senior who doesn’t select a job


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