[Video]The new FPS “THE FINALS” that fights using wire actions while destroying buildings flashy is a hot topic! exhilarating feeling wwwwww

The gameplay footage of the free-to-play FPS “THE FINALS”, which fights while blowing away buildings flashy, has been released. Playtest will be held on Steam from September 29th

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This work isBasic play freeexpand withCompetitive FPS.same as game title“THE FINALS”The stage is a virtual game show namedCooperate with your teammates to win tournamentsaim to

“Every arena can be modified, used strategically, or even razed to pieces.”As the introductory text on the store page says, the dynamic action that allows you to actively use the structures on the map is attractive.

In addition, various play styles can be realized with various skills according to the physique and a wide range of weapons and gadgets.Sneak up on enemy troops with a sword in hand, or blow up entire buildings where they hide with explosives.It is said that it can also be done.

In addition to the overwhelming destruction expression in the trailer released this time,Move actions with wires and strikes with melee weaponsSuch eye-catching elements are projected one after another.

『THE FINALS』teethThursday, September 29thWe are planning to do a play test through Steam from.

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it’s usually interesting

BF was the representative FPS for building destruction…
this looks interesting

absolutely heavy lol

Processing seems heavy, but it’s a messy and messy game, so it’s likely to become popular

This is the next supremacy game

It looks more interesting than a game called BF2042

A pop FPS that defeats opponents while building buildings
→ fortnite
A realistic FPS that defeats opponents while destroying buildings
→The Finals

The use of destructive expressions that you can tell at a glance that it’s made by a former Battlefield developer is a high point.

GPU is about to catch fire

New Siege is here
It’s good that everyone can work

For a moment I thought it was a new BF lol but it looks interesting
However, the required specs are likely to be tremendous.
Yaruo PC before Nikka

Embark Studios, the developer, has many former members of DICE who developed BF.
This is a premonition of a god game…
Husband who does not do it, arms folded, smile

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