[Video]Shuya Gouenji from “Inazuma Eleven” has been adopted for the latest NIKE soccer commercial wwwwww

New commercial for NIKE! ! ! !
It’s too great to see Gouenji in this face! ! ! ! !
I got a voice! ! ! !



Inazuma Eleven 1, 2, 3!!
Level Five(2012-12-27T00:00:01Z)
4.4 out of 5 stars

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this is not for japan
It’s amazing that Gouenji was adopted worldwide.
Did NIKE and Inazuma Eleven have something to do with each other?

e? Are you sure it’s not Kora?
Isn’t it amazing?

Hey? He may be… last year’s
While a freshman at Football Frontier
With that powerful shot, Shuya Gouenji suddenly became a hero! !
That Gouenji-kun, wearing a Kaminarimon uniform,
Appeared in NIKE commercials around the world! !

Inazuma Eleven is known all over the world, right?
Isn’t it like Captain Tsubasa?

↑ Griezmann was watching Inaile on the plane on the move lol

A long time ago, Adidas shoes appeared in the game
To collaborate with NIKE…

Uncle is deeply moved by this old unmarked version of the genie


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