[Video]Hololive VTuber turns into a “moving painting” with the “Hogwarts Legacy” MOD wwww

Hogwarts Legacy modders wasted no time including VTubers to it

According to the article

・Run into the classroom within the maze-like halls of Hogwarts, lookup on the wall, and see a framed portrait of an anime woman doing the 🥺 emoji.Yes, Hogwarts Legacy has VTubers.

・”The Moving Frames – Anime VTubers – Hololive mod”Replace your college’s magical and animated drawings with GIFs and clips from standard Hololive VTubersThing.

・According to the modified xBloodTigerx, historic witches and wizards are nothing in comparison with VTubers akin to Korone Inugami, Pecora Usada, and Amelia Watson. Known for sport distribution and live shows, the ladies will entertain you with door puzzles and in-game explorations.

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