Veterans of Riot Games, Blizzard, Valve and Bungie raise $ 37.5 million to launch Theorycraft Games

Theory craft game has today announced that it has taken place $ 37.5 million in a financial round of Series A led by NetEase, Inc. and which includes investments from NEA, BITKRAFT Ventures, Griffin Gaming Partners, SISU Game Ventures and a small group of strategic angel investors. The capital will be used to recruit diverse talent and led the Theorycraft team to develop a community-driven PvP game that will be available across multiple platforms.

Founded by veterans of Riot Games, Bungie, Blizzard and Valve Software, Theorycraft’s founding team has a solid tracker ahead of some of the most successful video games, such as League of Legends, Halo, Destiny, Overwatch, Valorant and Team Fortress 2. Joe Tung, CEO and founder of Theorycraft Games, has led several multimillion-dollar franchises that define the genre, such as former executive vice president of the League of Legends franchise and CEO of Destiny and Halo. Along with Joe, Theorycraft Games stands for an incredibly talented foundation team that includes Valorant, Overwatch and Halo’s former Chief Technology Officer, Michael Evans, as Director of Technology; to Bungie’s former creative director, Mike Tipul, as creative director; to the former art director of Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, Moby Francke, as art director, and to the former head of global turnover and finance at the French League of Legends, Areeb Pirani, as operations director.

“The Theorycraft team has a soft track ahead of some of the most successful in-game franchises. With the resources and independence we have now, we’ll see what happens next,” said Simon Zhu, Director of Investment and Associations at NetEase. Games.

“We are very lucky, not only because we have made a good start in the study, but because we have met a group of people with ideas that we want to create, just like us, that games serve basic human needs; supporting our goal of putting the game in the hands of the players quickly and developing it with them; and most importantly, understand that we are in this distant space. NetEase and our co-investors are the ideal group of partners to help us make the company’s vision a reality, ”said Joe Tung, CEO and founder of Theorycraft Games.

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With headquarters in Seattle and The Angels, Theorycraft Games’ mission is to create immersive games that allow the entire world to connect, compete and share endlessly with stories that take players right into the center. Theorycraft plans to meet with the players where they are, regardless of the platform they play on, where they live, or how much money they can spend.

The game studio builds a high-performing team and a lot of talent from the best game developers in the world, who share Theorycraft’s obsession with putting players at the center of everything they do.

More information on the official website.

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