Vasco Relevo Studio Presents Torero NEON Kickstarter

Relevo announced the start of the campaign in Starter for his next game, Torero NEON.

The Bilbao-based studio hopes to raise a figure of €28,000 to fund a curious arcade that will honor some of the classic Neo Geo titles, but with a rather curious and differential twist.

Because Soccer Brawl offers a futuristic image of soccer, Bullfighter NEON does something similar to bulls, but eliminating all violent and animal cruelty. Jon Cortázar, the director of Relevo, explained that this is an important detail, and that he “wanted to separate any violence in the game” by making sure the bullies “don’t “harm” the bulls. robots” or “do not perform attacks”. ” to come will be another: to recognize that the battery is running out. A particular vision for a game that is envisaged in a future “in which bullfighting has been abolished and transformed into a new and very different spectacle”.

Cortázar added that “we were fascinated by the idea of ​​returning to this fashion in the 90s of futuristic sports games. Almost all sports have found their way into this trend of the 16-bit era, which is currently almost over. . “. Other elements that denote inspiration from this era are a 4:3 mode or a pixel-art aesthetic inherited from classics from companies like SNK or Data East.

The bullfighter NEON will compete with a platform of six balls, ten mechanical combinations (eight standards and two bosses), four arenas, “a healing story” and distinct difficulty modes for all types of players. In addition, the chiptune music will be composed by Gryzor87, a musician known for his work on titles such as Maldita Castilla, Super Hydorah or Battle Princess Madelyn.

You can participate in the crowdfunding campaign here. According to the project’s own Kickstarter page, the launch is scheduled for December this year, with a secure version for PC (via Steam), but with the possibility of opening ports for consoles (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) at the following the success of the campaign.


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