Vanquish for PC, the upcoming Steam debut of Platinum Games

Vanquish for PC – Reality or Rumor?

Platinum game y Segaafter the declarations of the first, «If we were out of our minds, we would have taken all our video games to a computer» y megler un misterioso parche de Bayonetta, han dado a entender que también se vendría el aclamado Overcome al PC, en menos que la interpretation de ciertos fans hav errada. El dato es bastente evident, por lo cual, nos hemos visto en la obligación de traer la noticia sin que se se considere un rumour.


The latest Bayonetta patch on Steam, just 22KB, has added a new avatar to the game’s extras folder, and it’s none other than the protagonist of Overcome, Sam Gideon, wearing the Augmented Reaction Suit. Es el único avatar de la foldera que no pertenece al universo Bayonetta.

For those who didn’t know, the announcement and release of Bayonetta were the same: a free game, tracks on the achievement list, and a teaser. So, in the absence of an official announcement, the arguments are heavily inclined to believe that Shinji Mikami’s brilliant third-person shooter will come to PC.

In addition, the senior vice president of the commercial area of ​​Sega Europe, John Clark, recently stated that the publisher “está dedicated to carry high quality conversions, with a great experience, for PC de nuestro catalog of juegos clásicos and nuestros fans,” you assured that “hay más por venir”followed by the Valkyria Chronicles and Bayonetta ports.

Vanquish was released in 2010 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and this is its trailer.

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