Vanquish: consejos y trucos para empezar

Antes de jugar el juego Vanquish, definitely querrá conocer estos consejos y trucos simples pero utiles. If you need it, there are no friends who are with others!

Cosas que debe saber antes de jugar

  • Weapons are enhanced by collecting a complete weapon enhancement item, which is a rarer drop and instantly increases the weapon’s level or, when at maximum ammo, by selecting a duplicate of the weapon being carried that partially carries it one un nivel superior
  • Dejar caer armas y cambiarlas no hace que el nivel baje, cualquier arma que recojas será del ultimo nivel que esa arma haya alcanzado.
  • Increase. Impulsar siempre. Impulse for siempre. Si no estás impulsando algo probably esté yendo mal. You can play the game as a cover shooter, and there are occasions when it is useful to do so, but keep in mind that the game is designed to boost and kill.
  • Uno de tus compañeros de escuadrón cae, revívelos y te darán un arma. Busque el signo + verde sobre sus cabezas.
  • Armas más fácil (Tamando un assault rifle como emplo): Don’t take an assault rifle if yours is half full of ammo. En su place, switch weapons so you drop the medio lleno assault rifle, pick up the full ammo battle rifle you originally found, then pick up the medium ammo assault rifle you dropped. Instead of just reloading ammo, this will help you level up. Tenga en cuenta que kun gever commensar hacer esto una vez que comizan aparecer weapons that are not one of their original weapons: you cannot release a weapon if there is no other weapon to pick up.

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