Vanguard Players Slam Warzone Operation Monarch Event

Throughout Call of Duty’s history, events involving action heroes from the 80s and the presence of embraced characters appear in Warzone and in the annual launch, which allows all players to participate.

For Vanguard, this is not the case. If Godzilla and King Kong appear in Battle Royale, those who play the ultimate Sledgehammer Games title will not be able to participate and receive rewards.

Without any kind of limited time event for multiplayer, players share their frustrations behind the launch of Operation Monarch as an exclusive Warzone event, in addition to feeling ignored by the developer and Activision.

Operation Monarch ignores Vanguard players

Vanguard’s lack of attention is understandable given that sales figures are below average, but ignoring a large section of society is easy to be ideal. Warzone has not flown all CoD fans and has, except for those like Mecha Godzilla Operator skins, not crossed.

Reddit user ‘Mattykos’ started the discussion with a post in which he asked why Vanguard players did not make any mention of Godzilla and Kong.

The player says that the lack of thematic content feels as if the developers are trying to get me “stuck in the face”. “Always naked for gaming events as much for Warzone as for current CoD”.

If many share the same opinion, players know that the event is exclusive to Warzone. “They said it would be a Warzone event,” commented one user. “But it’s misleading that Vanguard does not receive any event other than packages.”

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Past collaborations have included a separate set of rewards and rewards for those who enjoy multiplayer mode instead of Battle Royale action. Not to mention Operation Monarch in Vanguard, there is little chance that players will receive an event where less than anything else happens in season 4.

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