Vanguard players complain about struggling with rhythm ruins

Although Vanguard season 3 is on the horizon, the expectation that it will run in the final season of content after launch is low compared to Warzone.

With the game’s cycle to the point where it reaches the end, the title of Sledgehammer Games is not left in white in many respects. Despite the advent of a trophy system and periodic improvements in multiplayer mode, players continue to share their concerns.

The last area of ​​preoccupation involves Combat Pacing, one of Vanguard’s new innovations. Players say the differences in rhythm negatively affect the multiplayer mode, and some go so far as to say that the feature “touches” the games.

Vanguard Combat Pacing ruins battles

The theme came to life after a Reddit post posted by user “Jfu88” confirmed that the feature does not enhance the multiplayer experience. The rhythm differences are designed to offer players the usual dose of action of six against six or high-octane matches with replay vests of as many players as possible.

Instead of going into games filled with players, the user struggles to get into “consistent lobbies” that do not contain the desired number of opponents. “I chose the Blitz rhythm and I’m not bored when I say I’m probably 7 or 8 times out of every 10 using Tactic with 3 other players,” which is the speed to be ideal.

In addition to the inconsistent party lobbies, commentators claim that a “declining player base” plays a role in the current pitching problems.

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Considering that Vanguard has reached the middle of its cycle, there is little chance that the situation is better not to like those who are still running in multiplayer mode.

With reports that the Vanguard cycle ends after Season 5, attention is already focused on the launch of Modern Warfare 2, which is likely to include many innovations that surpass what Combat Pacing has to offer.

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