Vanguard Glitch gets giant hands blocking the view

Vanguard players are not responsible for errors and omissions that break the game and affect multiple players’ games. The problems involving players ‘screens to win continue to seem to weigh on Sledgehammer Games’ best efforts.

As much as the focus is on the launch of season 3, the operators are still acting as factors causing the appearance of certain bugs and errors, and it seems that the game’s characters affect the game more than once.

This time, the operators’ hands are widening, making it impossible for players to see their surroundings and any possible opposition that may be directed at them.

Vanguard Giant Hand Error

During a very controversial party in Gavutu, Reddit user shared ‘Muted_Eye8259’ an issue where the person’s hands completely obscured his vision of the action for his surroundings.

The video above shows the hands of his player model swinging his favorite weapon before covering his screen and avoiding moving to either side. Commentators noted that a similar bug appeared in Modern Warfare and Warzone, suggesting that the problem could come from the game’s engine.

Others suggest that the problem stems from the use of the Stone Sealer. “I think it’s that weapon specifically, when I made camouflage for her, I lost a lot 1 on 1 because I could not see more than the arm or the hand,” said one user.

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How to solve the problem with Vanguard’s giant hand

For those looking for a possible solution to this hugely exaggerated technical problem, it seems possible to have to change operator or completely avoid using Sten until Sledgehammer Games applies a solution. Another technical problem is quickly ideal, but the start of season 3 could well solve several problems affecting the players.

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