Vanguard Camo bug fixed in the latest update

Throughout Call of Duty’s story, players jump into multiplayer mode and step out through a series of challenges to unlock a variety of weapon camouflage. Vanguard is no different, as players must complete decryption to unlock the Atomic camouflage code.

Since its launch, several camouflage errors and technical issues have prevented players from completing the setbacks, in addition to the time-consuming requirements, and which have caused some to abandon the routine altogether.

As season 3 draws to a close, Sledgehammer Games has responded to the demand to make it easier for players to unblock weapons.

Changes in the defense of Camuflaje de vanguardia

On April 7, Sledgehammer Games released an update that included several changes to Vanguard’s multiplayer mode. If there is a lot of focus on generational adaptations, the changes in the headlights will disappear and all weapons in the arsenal will disappear. Instead of requiring 100 headshots to complete the draw, players only need to score 50, which dramatically improves the finish times.

Many players are fascinated by the change. Reddit user ‘JouleS88’ managed to win “three gold pistols in two days”, which qualified it as a “very welcome change”. On the other hand, some think the change is too small, too late.

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When is the next Vanguard Double XP event?

Dual XP events serve at least as the perfect opportunity to increase the level of weapons as quickly as possible. The next time players can get Double Weapon XP is April 27th to May 2nd. For the most up-to-date information, see our dual XP article to find all the dates for upcoming Vanguard and Warzone XP events.

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