Valve takes a brief look at the lawsuit against “Analysis Bombs” on Steam

Valve will not change the way players analyze games

Valvehas published an additional article on the Steam blog so players know the company will take a more active role in the prevention of “Analysis Bombs”.

When we talk about the analysis bombs, we refer to the boycotts that society has made to various companies like RockStar or Bethesda, pinching to see each case in concrete form.

Steam, the main sales platform for online video games, does not want to be on anyone’s page

At first, they thought about leaving the set points, but decided not to change the current system. As a result, the measure that has been taken since today is that each game page contains a radio record of positive and negative analyzes since the game startedand by clicking on any section of the story you will be able to read examples of the analysis of the time.


“With this, potential buyers will have an easier way to see when these distortions exist and decide if it affects their opinion of the game. In this way, we will have the advantage of not having to prevent anyone from providing an analysis, but will require the potential buyer to do some research. ” This is explained by Alden Kroll in the press release.

End the blog by advising that it is possible to return to touch on this theme in the future when working with personal analysis. Meanwhile, discussions about game analysis in society will continue.

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