Valve releases free 3D models to print files for the Steam Deck

In preparation for the launch of Valve’s new handheld console – which will work with Steam OS – the company has launched some free 3d models which users can use to use 3D printing to print files or design accessories for the Steam Deck.

“Good news for any builders, modders, accessory makers or users who just want to try printing the Steam Deck to see what it looks like. Today we are releasing the CAD files of the Steam Deck external enclosure, available in download under a Creative Commons License.”

Thus, Steam is open to users bringing their own modifications and accessories to their console, in addition to giving users the opportunity to test its size and ergonomics. I guess this is exactly one of the factors Valve had in mind when releasing the files, as over the past week many users have expressed concern about its size:

The first emails to complete the Steam Deck purchase will be sent on February 25, and units will start shipping on the 28th of this month.

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