Valve announces that the next Steam Fest will take place in June

Valve announced the date of celebration of the next Next Fest on Steam.

The North American company has instructed fans to “mark the calendars for the June 2022 edition of the celebration of future games on Steam. From June 13 to 20, players will be able to try all kinds of future games on Steam for free, offering developers the opportunity to start building a community and getting feedback.”

It’s expected there will be “hundreds of demos over the course of the week”, along with a series of live streams and the chance to meet the developers.

The last edition of Steam’s Next Fest was just a month ago, and you can try pre-release versions of indie titles like Daymare 1994: Sandcastle, Paladin Dream, Occupy Mars: The Game, Fist of the Forgotten, Rainbow. Billy and many more plus others.

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