Valve adds dynamic cloud sync to the Steam Deck

Valve has added the new Dynamic Cloud Sync feature to its Steam Deck mobile device.

This feature will allow users to seamlessly and automatically transfer saved games between PC and Steam Deck, using it to store them in the cloud.

Fr an official position explains that “we expect users to frequently suspend their Steam Deck without exiting the game, which is very common on other mobile devices.” This therefore means that you will not need to quit the game for the game to be synchronized with the computer.

Additionally, the platform will also automatically download any changes made to saved games when the Steam Deck enters the idle state.

“Enjoying this feature is not a requirement for players to enjoy your games on Steam Deck, but we recommend using it to give players the best possible experience,” he told the developers.

“Without enabling Dynamic Cloud Sync, Steam will continue to flicker when game data changes on the Steam Deck. Without restriction, any user who crashes on Deck while your game is running and then intends to tracking this game on another device will receive a message to return to your Deck first and close the process, or continue without saving the last game progress.

This function will be implemented by developers using SteamWorks, and in the same post there instructions on the procedure to follow.

Valve, furthermore, has also confirmed that the Easy Anti-Cheat software will be compatible with the new Steam Deck, which should reach the hands of new users this month. A few days ago, in fact, we were able to identify the list with the first titles verified for use in the system.

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