“Valkyrie” and “Star Ocean” series development Tri-Ace falls into the red and becomes insolvent… Explains development cancellations, delays, and no progress in new development orders

Tri-Ace posted an ordinary loss of 620 million yen for the fiscal year ended June 2019.


According to the article

・ Tri-Ace’s full-year financial results for June 2022 are as follows:Sales of 1.25 billion yen (down 42.9% year on year), ordinary loss of 625 million yen (profit of 241 million yen year on year), final loss of 684 million yen (profit of 171 million yen year on year) profit) and a significant decrease in sales, falling into the redbecame.

・Accompanying thisinsolvencybecame.

・According to the financial report of the parent company,In the game business, including the company, in addition to the cancellation or termination of development projects, the expected amount of orders could not be obtained due to development delays, etc., and orders for new development projects did not progress.explained.

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