Valeroa is the new Anti-Tamper that is hard to crack

Valeroa it is said to meet in March 2018 without making too much noise. They launched a temporary website to host course activities and tried out a limited number of video games. Now, following an evaluation of the POC, Valeroa has decided to launch an introduction to the wider market.

Valeroa offers reasonable time protection for PC games

The effectiveness of DRM Denuvo, the most popular anti-piracy protection system in video games, has been criticized for some time. Many players come to it as a performance penalty that does nothing but cheat users who get the product in a legal form. On the other hand, it is a necessary protection for editors, but in the end it gets ready too quickly, and sometimes even before the launch of the game.

Here comes Valeroa, a new protection technology that claims to be able to apply a protection protection that can not be resolved within a reasonable time. Offers an anti-tampering solution for PC-based games that have brand new anti-crack features.

Validity only current during reading

Valeroa Anti-Tamper is not a DRM, but a protection for existing DRMs. Existing DRM and other protections against manipulation caused by DRM are broken even in an automated way. Brand new techniques have been used, which are almost impossible to decipher, require a huge effort in the launch of each game and make cracking automation impossible. This is thanks to a unique combination of seven defense techniques, each protected game is “unique” to make crack automation impossible (given a successful crash).

Each new protected game will introduce the same cracking effort, but this will deprive you (in addition to the protected version of the first category) of a less protected delivery to the editor of the game. From now on, the editor of the game will decide when the game can be published in the illegal circuit by releasing the less secure version in a new revision. This version can then be “broken” using the traditional techniques used by its competitors in the protections.

Its main features;

  • No internet connection required.
  • It has no effect on the performance of the game.
  • Installation of additional controllers is not required.
  • Does not generate data transfers to additional HDDs.

Valeroa has a total cost of $ 1000, all costs and taxes included and no other obligation on the part of the editor.

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