US military announces 20-year US military shutdown

The US military has announced the closure of the controversial America’s Army video game.

Originally released in 2002 and with multiple releases, America’s Army grew with the Unreal Engine and was used as a military recruiting tool.

Unsurprisingly, the final delivery, America’s Army: Proving Grounds, will shut down its servers on May 5.

As he explained his responsibilities in an official positionthe game “represented the first large-scale use of video game technology by the United States government as a strategic communications and recruiting platform, and the first use of video game technology as a recruiting medium for United States “.

In total, he played in the US Army about twenty million users, of which he participated in one hundred and eighty million successful missions.”

“Time has passed and AA has fulfilled its mission, so it is time to focus our efforts on other new and innovative forms of assisting the executive in its communications and recruiting.”

For the PlayStation version, the store page will be briefly removed and you will no longer be able to download the game. Online play will cease to function on the specified date, although users who own the game will be able to continue playing offline.

In the case of the PC version, the private servers will remain accessible, but the official servers and player statistics will stop working on May 5.

America’s Army has generated considerable controversy since its launch, reaching out to disgruntled video game audiences and launching it shortly after the September attacks and before the Iraq War.

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