Updated Nintendo 64 Switch emulator to eliminate bugs

After the launch of Majora’s Mask, it is certain that the catalog of retro video games that are fun via Nintendo Switch Online has become quite an interesting one. Without restrictions, many users prefer not to take the step until the nintendo 64 emulsion is perfect† Fortunately, each time is closer to this moment.

And that is Nintendo released version 2.0.0† The emulator of this platform launched in 1996 worked really bad on everything with some video games in concrete, but the errors have been completely eliminated.

Until now, the title considered perverse in that situation was undoubtedly someone The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time† Gamers couldn’t understand how what is considered by many to be the greatest video game in history can live so extremely poorly on Nintendo Switch.

The situation today is very different. So show it the snow, which returns to have an appearance very similar to that in the original title† The fact of the encounter also affected the experience, which remained very disturbing, especially when entering areas such as the Temple of Water.

It is not the only effect that has been corrected, namely that of the aquatic reflectors also remains adjusted after applying the park 2.0.0. But the best isn’t limited to this masterpiece of the Zelda franchise that came to light in 1998.

And the list of affected titles goes even further, including one of the most fraudulent Paper Mario† While it is certain that it turned out to be correct on a visual level, in terms of judging the experience is beyond what you want in the event of an error.

We refer to that mistake that the video game repented of. That is, users will no longer be able to continue playing Paper Mario, will have to renew the title and consequently lose the progress they would have achieved up to the point when they had overcome the trap. Unfortunately, this bug was quite commonbut the update is finished with him.

While some of the more troubling issues have gone away, there are still others to be solved. A clear example is the input lag, which is still present and noticed in all titles that require fast action with the Joy-Con. Fortunately, Nintendo seems willing to do everything possible to provide a stable and rewarding experience, sufficient frequency to launch parks

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