Unoentrecienmil and Association of Sports Clubs (ACE) against childhood leukemia

The Unoentrecienmil Foundation and the Association of Sports Clubs (ACE) gather on a very special day to continue the study of the treatment of childhood leukemia. Next September 24, World Cancer Investigation Day, streaming programs from the teams of: Vodafone Giants, Movistar Riders, Team Cheese, Cream Real Betis, UCAM, Wizards, Arctic Gaming, Emonkeyz, Wygers, MAD Lions, S2V and X6tence, Among other things, a series of guides to provide visibility into the work of the Unoentrecienmil Foundation, whose radical mission is to find the cure for this disease through research to guarantee a future for the poorest of the poor.

On September 24, #derrotaalboss supports the initiative of Unoentrecienmil and ACE. Because this is more than a game.

Unfortunately, two out of ten children still have no hope of not having clinical progress for years. The agreement between the two entities is long awaited and more actions will take place in the future.

In this way, the professional players, streamers and influencers of the ACE-compliant teams, will help convey a key message: the need to raise awareness of the importance of research to create a cure that harms a common enemy, childhood leukemia. PCS Unoentrecienmil this disease is its “Boss” and will, thanks to the cooperation with ACE, unite its forces and be able to be closer to attacking an enemy that hits more than 300 small people a year.

The boss is a fierce enemy for one, but not for a thousand. In addition, another of the support movements that will be seen next September 24th will be when professional players, streamers and influencers meet The Golden Cordonesso summed up #CadenaDorada by Unoentrecienmil, which started last 15 February 2019 with the motif of the International Day of the Child with Cancer.

An initiative that I have developed thanks to the collaboration with many well-known race runners from the world of sports, in addition to some courses from other sectors such as Marlango or Ana Pastor, who have become great ambassadors for this solidarity network. Unoentrecienmil Foundation thus converts the 5 € of each package of gold strings to 16 minutes of research so ten out of ten children with leukemia die.

With the aim of appealing to the solidarity of the spectators in order to regain resources that enable them to follow the path to the cure of this disease, ACE joins the Unoentrecienmil Foundation as its cause of solidarity.

The agreement between the Foundation and the Association of Sports Clubs starts with a solidarity streaming on the day after, September 24, World Cancer Investigation Day.

José Carnero, founder and president of Unoentrecienmilhe assured: “We are very pleased with the agreement reached with ACE. Today, entertainment is more than ever crucial to our lives, many of them stopped by the impact of the pandemic. In addition, it is an honor for us to collaboration with a sector that is currently growing, a new form of entertainment that is struggling to find a cure that guarantees a future for the little ones.These games, which even the little ones like now, also serve to help cure this And it is for the future that today we invite all spectators to share their sandstone through as many spaces in streaming programming of the various ACE-compliant teams as our website ”.

José Ramón Díaz, President of ACE, stated: “I want to speak on behalf of all ACE teams when I say that it is an opportunity to make all our potential available to the Unoentrecienmil Foundation to convey this message. about solidarity reach fans of our equipment ”.

The teams that comply with ACE have joined this initiative, which will help to highlight Unoentrecienmil’s work to continue the study of the treatment of childhood cancer.

The association, which pioneered as much in Spain as in Europe, is formed by 13 clubs that claim to unite the voices of professionals in the digital entertainment sector, a sector that is constantly growing and which is a key factor in promoting its development. So the sport’s ecosystem is growing in a common and fair way in a context both national and international. The teams in the Association of Sports Clubs wanted to support the Unoentrecienmil Foundation and ensure that donations to the organization can be made during September 24 through Paypal or Bizum with code 00569 or also through the purchase of Golden Cordones. In this way, you are pretending not only to attack the people who are concerned about this matter, but also
is a demonstration of responsibility and solidarity in an industry made up of young people who are passionate about electronic games.

Streaming Solidarity is one of the other projects carried out by the Unoentrecienmil Foundation such as La Vuelta al Cole, where students from Spanish schools support the cure for leukemia or, the first platform in Spain that centralizes all initiatives and aids in return for this pediatric disease.

In Spain, every year, 1,400 new cases of children with cancer are diagnosed, which have been transformed into La Fundación’s engine, so that its activity does not depend on the current situation. A disease that accounts for 30% of childhood cancers with more than 300 diagnosed cases per year.

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