Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World will open in 2023

nintendo announced that the Super Nintendo World amusement park in Los Angeles will open its doors next year.

The new Super Nintendo World will be located at Universal Studios Hollywood and will be the first in the West since Osaka Park opened in March last year. The second Super Nintendo World West is planned for 2025, inside the Universal complex in Orlando.

According to the information Inside the magicthe Los Angeles version of the park will not be exactly the same as the Japanese version, accommodating the smaller size available at the North American station. Recent pictures, for example, Bowser’s Castle is expected to have a more prominent place, overlooking Osaka’s central attraction, Mt. Beanpole, on one side.

Although Nintendo has yet to announce the attractions at the Los Angeles park, it looks like Mario Kart with augmented reality will be part of it, along with replicating Bowser’s castle. Inside the Magic, without embargo, to affirm that the Yoshi’s Adventure attraction will not be in the United States due to size issues. Certainly, of the two great attractions of Osaka, there will be only one in Hollywood.

Super Nintendo World Direct.

It is hoped, in any case, that the Japanese company can expand in more detail regarding the opening date. And if by accident you’ve already visited the park, Nintendo has made sure that it will sell exclusive Mario merchandise in the park’s Feature Showcase Shop.

Meanwhile, in Osaka Park, an expansion of the Donkey Kong attraction has been confirmed. It is expected to be completed in 2024 and increase in size by seventy percent, adding a new roller coaster.

That’s good news for a park that, oddly enough, started out with some issues. In August last year, Universal was forced to suspend several Nintendo World Japan attractions when a giant statue of Goomba plunged to the ground. Shortly thereafter, in November, the park had to temporarily close due to a fire at Yoshi’s Adventure attraction.


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