UnderMine: tips and tricks to get you started

Before playing the UnderMine game, you will definitely want to know these simple yet useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, feel free to share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • Many enemies do not inflict damage on contact. In return, they will glow in red just before attack. Learn the pattern of each enemy, then intervene in their tactics to attack them.
  • Learn to avoid enemy attacks and projects without jumping. It is harder to control in the air, so it only escapes as a last resort.
  • Avoid extra gold until all the enemies in a room have been destroyed. Stealing alms that appear to steal your gold can not hurt you, but there is nothing worse than blocking the enemy’s attacks while trying to conquer your gold.
  • You can set fire to the food to heal yourself a little more.
  • Consumables such as rings, bombs and items can be destroyed by your attacks, enemy attacks, traps, etc. Do not be fooled if you can not avoid it!

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