“Uma Musume” implements tremendous human rights sapoka with the worst promoting technique and it goes up in flames! !

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“Uma Musume” applied a human rights class supporter at a too merciless timing and shook the consumer! !

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Uma Musume has a system referred to as “Scenario Link” that strengthens the characters and supporters akin to the state of affairs.
In the brand new state of affairs applied final month, it was initially written as “no scenario link”
A month later, the brand new state of affairs instantly modified to “with scenario link”
Scenario hyperlink suitable Sapoka that was applied on the identical time is tremendous human rights class, and Sapoka aside from the identical class is rubbish
Many customers who’ve already used sources for the 2nd anniversary gacha and different supporters are crying out loud ← Now right here

Uma Musume Gacha Three Goddesses Throne Images related to human rights-02


Uma Musume Gacha Three Goddesses Throne Images related to human rights-03

Nourishment of sage seems. I suppose I used to be in a position to predict w

What you do not be taught is your personal grass
I knew that the operation was rubbish burns and the three goddesses would come out wwwwwwwwww

There is not any such factor as sticking cash at your personal discretion

Uma Musume’s administration could also be dangerous, however how about charging your self and placing it within the cash field and returning the cash πŸ˜”
You do not know what’s going to occur to Soshage sooner or later, so perceive that earlier than you cost.
If it is not handy so that you can return the cash, it is higher to not cost ( Λ‡Ο‰Λ‡ )

↑The man who says one thing incorrect with such a triumphant face is the worst

I’m complaining about charging and pulling the gacha by myself.

Well, yeah, that is what I’m speaking about…
No matter how a lot you cost for social video games, not simply horses, the tip of the sport is usually introduced instantly someday. Of course you possibly can’t get your a refund. It additionally inflates like a card recreation.
That’s what it’s.

↑ and no cost

Most of the idiots defending the operation chortle at no cost
Enjoy the content material totally free

There is not any purpose to not come out with such a card collaboration, however I used to be defeated as a result of I could not take the choice of “waiting”.

Why wasn’t it launched concurrently the state of affairs implementation?
Because of that, many customers are struggling disadvantages, however plainly idiots cannot perceive it.

Everything that occurred at present occurred on the day of the brand new state of affairs, and it was stated that the WPU of the three goddesses of Ramone was managed by God.

I’m pleased with my excessive financial power that I used to be in a position to make use of 140,000 yen with out assuming this consequence, and I feel it is vitally great.

↑ Amazing, does this appear to be “bragging” to the poor individuals…

Even although there was honor gained with that 140,000, is it handled as rubbish?

↑What is honor?

Uncharged beggars are already out of their sense of values

A hellish recreation that tortures those that pay and makes enjoyable of non-payers
You should not be taking part in this recreation, finish it shortly

I used to be informed that the three goddesses Sapoka will come to this individual, however I’m saying that it is higher to cost, however I modified the state of affairs with out state of affairs hyperlink to at least one with state of affairs hyperlink (I feel they charged as a result of there is no such thing as a hyperlink) N) I feel the administration is shit to say the least as a result of the three goddesses are thrown in.

Scenario hyperlink can’t be defended

Some individuals say it was me who took it flippantly, however I feel the one individuals who can complain about this are the individuals who spent the identical quantity.
As anticipated, I feel that that is horrible or that mistrust of administration is rising …

When you take a look at it like this, it feels such as you’re taking part in round with customers who cannot cease slicing losses.

It’s too merciless to implement the three goddesses after restoring the throne and squeezing Ramone and Ruby firmly…

Can’t you employ the throne and the three goddesses collectively? ? ?
If that is not the case, I really feel sorry for the one who took the throne~

As anticipated, the administration ought to alter the throne

All the culprits are that I did not double-pick this concurrently the 2nd anniversary.
Even should you solely take into consideration making a living from customers, is not it a bit an excessive amount of…
Uma Musume Gacha Three Goddesses Throne Images related to human rights-04

The mentality of the throne individuals who have been disadvantaged of human rights twice is already worn out
What sort of soshage is it that you may’t even belief the anniversary gacha…
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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