“Uma Musume” applied a human rights class supporter at a too merciless timing and shook the consumer! !

■ From Twitter

・It is nearly sure that the brand new Sapoka’s “Three Goddesses” might be handled as situation human rights within the recreation.
・Implemented it individually from Anniversary Gacha
・”Throne”, who was regarded as reinstated, died in a month once more

→ consumer

Sapoka of the three goddesses within the announcement is unquestionably sturdy, is not it…

If the Three Goddesses Gurusapo had been human rights, I might lose my composure, so I’ve combined emotions.
It appears that the particular impact Guru Support implementation right now has put a cease to the discourse of many data senders that they need to normally save stones and pull the anniversary gacha.

Why do not you convey out the three goddesses throughout the free gacha?
Many customers are Cbee, Ruby, Ramone and do not have Jewels

I am unable to pull the three goddesses gacha with out stones (⌒-⌒; )

After the 2nd anniversary gacha, the situation particular gacha is just too merciless.

Moreover, till now it was a set of two SSRs, however is not it too foolish to separate it?

Management “Is the strongest Sapokaramone gacha delicious?”
User “Ume, Ume”
Management “Three Goddesses Sapoka Gacha will be held from now on!”

I wished you to let me have a pleasing gacha just like the anniversary gacha
With this, if the three goddesses are important, you do not have to spin the help gacha anymore😑

I believe he simply desires to make cash…

With this you will not have the ability to spin the gacha even on the anniversary
The rubbish administration right here actually likes to kill Uma Musume.

Garbage administration that continues to cut back customers with slash and burn for fast revenue

If there isn’t a three goddesses Sapoka, the disparity appears to be horrible, it appears that evidently there are various individuals who will go loopy, and it’ll not be attainable to spin the gacha sooner or later, so it’s actually a nasty transfer
Management is basically unethical

The Three Goddesses Gurusapo will certainly be on the throne, proper?

It’s an excessive amount of of a joke to die in a month on the throne once more

I really feel sorry for the individuals who used change tickets to align the thrones…

Saige is basically soiled
With this, relying on the efficiency of the three goddesses, those that used tickets or crystals in change for the throne will retire.

I can see the longer term the place these three goddesses can solely be used on this situation and find yourself being trash

The three goddesses’ gacha previews make nobody say, “Yosha! The three goddesses are here!”

The reality that you may solely hear screams and roars from the three goddesses gacha, which is meant to be welcomed, tells the present state of Uma Musume.

Everyone, do your greatest with the three goddesses gacha…

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An picture that exhibits that it’s best to by no means pull the “Uma Musume” gacha

The earlier drawback that you just should not spin the gacha…
Is it attainable that you just misplaced the sport once you touched it?
Image related to Uma Musume Gacha Three Goddesses Throne-02

Well, I will not know the specs of the three goddesses till I open the lid.
After all, the throne might be exempt from obligation…
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

I’m wondering if there’s any administration coverage that can make the sapoka that was drawn by spending some huge cash like this change into industrial waste the subsequent second.
It’s a disgrace that Uma Musume’s content material is fashionable…
Yaruo PC serious face sweat

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